Why Your Website Matters

In News by Eric Mechenbier

With everybody and their brother using the Internet to find information about businesses, it’s a safe bet to say having a good website is essential to your business plan.

Raise your hand in the air if you have searched for a business, found that they either don’t have a website or that it’s having a very bad hair day and have slowly clicked off to find someplace else that looks better. If you didn’t raise your hand, I commend you for your adventurous spirit.

The truth is, many of us use the Internet and a business’s website to judge their credibility first on appearance. It’s like a beauty pageant of the digital world. If I go to a restaurant’s website and it has one page with half a menu, I’m less likely to actually go into the establishment. Now I’m not saying looks are everything. I will probably give that menu a glance, hoping the content makes up for the lack of visual appeal, and then move on to a restaurant with similar food and a better webpage. We as consumers are looking for a functional, good looking website that also knows what it’s talking about. We want the beauty and the brains.

As a business, we have to take this new “marriage” and roll with it. Making your potential clients and customers feel welcomed and secure in their decision to call, shop, eat, or visit your establishment has become a key priority that can be accomplished by an awesome website. So don’t be that restaurant with half a menu posted by a customer, losing business because people are afraid of what they might get. Let us help you create an unique space that helps people see the real you today!