The Importance of Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date

In News by Eric Mechenbier

While not too long ago we wrote a post about having a credible/professional website, it’s also important to bring to light the relevance of keeping that credible website up-to-date. How many of you have gone to a nice looking website and tried looking for a current phone number, address, or email and found that when you called that number it was no longer in service, when you drove to the place, it was an empty building, and when you emailed their listed contact email, it bounced? There should be at least a few of you. 

It’s true, many businesses are able to keep up their content very well, but it’s often times the small things that slip through the cracks. While having a wrong phone number or email address for even just a day may not seem like a huge deal, you may be losing clients without knowing it. What about the weekend special that you listed in January, but it’s now July and according to your website the special is still active, even when it’s not? Maybe you have a brick and mortar store as well as an online presence and what’s displayed online really isn’t in store anymore. Going into the store only to find the information online was inaccurate can be a very large frustration, if not cause to leave a bad review, and we all know reviews are what make or break a lot of business. Visitors are our potential customers and having everything displayed accurately is of utmost importance.

The world wide web is a difficult world to traverse. You want to place your trust in the information you find but because of those sites that “don’t sweat the small stuff”, it’s difficult. As a business owner who is contributing to the www community, it becomes of utmost importance to not only have a credible website, but to keep it as up-to-date and accurate as possible. While things change and we all make mistakes now-and-then, striving to be the best is an undertaking we should all aspire to!